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Marriage Equality Is Great For All Boothers

Marriage Equality Is Great For All Boothers

Marriage Equality Is Great For All Boothers

It's already 1 week since Australians overwhelmingly voted yes for marriage equality in this country. Some would say we have been a bit slow out of the blocks and are playing catch up with other countries but I am just glad we finally got there. I am not going to get all political on you in this article as I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion but even if you don't subscribe to marriage equality, if you are a photo boother there are other positives which we can all get behind.

More Weddings = More Photo Booth Bookings

The Sydney Morning Herald recently published an article which conservatively stated that in the first twelve months alone an extra $650 million dollars will be spent on weddings from the LGBTQI community. Good to note here is that the total wedding industry is worth an estimated 6.3 billion dollars so we are talking around a 10% increase. Being part of the wedding hire industry Photo Boothers are naturally in line to reap the financial benefits of this economic boost. Now I am not saying you are all going to suddenly get hundreds of extra new bookings however there is absolutely going to be more business to go around than there was before which means if you can appeal to the LGBTQI community you can leverage this wave to grow your business.

How To Target The LGBTQI Community

It's all very well to know a wave of new business is coming but how do you target it? Well the same rules apply as always, you need to genuinely appeal and speak directly to reach your target market effectively. The best way to do this is to either genuinely be part of this community and leverage that through existing channels or create case studies from past clients who have already used you who are. However you go about targeting the LGBTQI community it is vital that you are authentic. If you fake your way to any target market you are unlikely to be very effective.

Be sure to read my previous article "How To Reach Your Target Market In 5 Steps" to learn more about effective target marketing.


Even if you don't specifically target the LGBTQI community the surge in weddings alone will filter it's way down to you in some form as many of your competition book out you may still reap some of the overflow so rejoice in marriage equality and.....

Happy Boothin!




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