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Operator Badge

BADGES HELP BUILD TRUST - Display and link your Network Member operator badge to help build trust with your potential clients. Great places to have it are at the bottom of your website or as a gallery image on any other site you promote your services.



To download right click and select save as or use the direct image path here: 

<a href="" title="Photobooth Finder"><img src="//" alt="Photobooth Finder Network Member"></a>


The direct image path option will auto link to the Photobooth Finder homepage. Alternatively you can link it to your own listing by amending the url within the direct image path. To find your listings url go Operator Listing > View Listing from within your dashboard and copy the url into the direct image path.

If you saved the image via download you can use the linking feature within your website to link to Photobooth Finder ( or directly to your listing.


Contact for assistance.

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