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The Hire Process

Before the Photo Booth hire

The most common arrangement is that a hirer prepays (meaning your guests don't pay to use the machine) for the photo booth to operate for a set number of hours on a given date and time. The photo booth hire operator arranges to deliver, set up and remove the photo booth. 

If the hirer wants the booth delivered earlier or to be kept for longer (particularly common for weddings and official events) an additional fee may be charged. Some operators (more often those with automated or unattended machines) often set up well before the hire time and not collect again until the next day, without extra charge. Whichever operator you consider, ensure you are aware of how they operate and any additional charges you should factor in your planning.

Inside a photo booth

During the Photo Booth hire

During the hire, guests simply step into the photo booth and if it’s automated they operate the machine (normally via an interface through touching a screen or pushing buttons). If it’s not automated, an attendant or photographer works it manually. Your guests don't pay anything for the photostrips as it's been prepaid by you, the hirer. Once the shots are taken, your guests step out, collect their photostrips from the dispenser – and usually have a giggle. If an album is included, guests can place a copy in the album and write a message, i.e. “Congratulations to the bride and groom!” or “Happy birthday!”.

After the Photo Booth hire

Most photo booths will save the pictures digitally, which may or may not be included in your package. If included, most companies will provide the images on a CD or USB and send this after the hire together with any security deposit held. 

Do I need a Photo Booth hire Attendant?


Behind the curtains

Depending on the operator, some photo booth hire operators will include an attendant with the hire. The role of the attendant varies from company to company but some of their duties include cutting photostrips (not all machines do this), sticking photostrips into guest photo albums, changing paper when needed, assisting with props and generally facilitating the booth’s operations, while ensuring no damage is done. They may also be there to fix any technical issues should they arise. Many attendants will also endeavour to rouse the guests and add more fun to the photo booth experience, however, often the photo booth alone achieves this.


Some operators will allow the hirer to turn the machine on. A small number of machines have timers which allow the machines to turn on or off at designated times, negating the need for an attendant to do so. The majority of companies offering this service use all steel cabinet machines which are much more durable and tolerant to a bit of fun. Make sure you check to ensure that someone will be on hand if you need any technical support during the hire. Most photo booth hire technical issues are relatively minor, with many able to be fixed over the phone. 


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