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Photo booths have become remarkably affordable in the last few years making photo booth hire more accessible for all occasions. You only have to go back a few years to when the photo booth hire craze started in 2007 and compare prices to know this is true.

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With so much competition having entered the market since then the same photo booth hire operators that used to charge over $1000 for a few hours hire are now hundreds of dollars cheaper! There are also lots more styles and sizes to choose from with varying functionality depending on your needs and if your event is mid week there are photo booth rental operators who start from as little as a a few hundred dollars to hire a photo booth.

Of course with increased demand for photo booth hire comes an increase in pit falls for the consumer. Not all photo booths are made equal and not all photo booth hire operators are as good as one another. Here at Photobooth Finder, we screen all of our operators to do our best to only connect you with quality service providers.

Our words of wisdom if you want a cheap photo booth for an event are:

- Cheapest is not always best

- Research the style of booth you want

- Compare as many operators as you can

- Don't make your choice based on price alone, but compare features to find something of good quality in your budget

- Be prepared to pay more if you're event is really important (eg a Wedding) as quality never comes cheap


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