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2018 List of the Top Photo booth hire companies in Australia

2018 List of the Top Photo booth hire companies in Australia

Top Photo Booth hire Businesses in; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide.


I thought you might all appreciate some information around the photo booth hire market in the different cities around Australia.

Below are the Top 20 providers as per leads generated through the Photo booth finder site between 2017 and 2018. Along with this, you will also be able to see individual cities around Australia and the quantity of Photo booth hire inquiries in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

I really hope this article can give you some mini inspiration heading into the busy season. Sometimes a little ego stroking doesn't do any harm, especially when everything at the moment just feels like constant pressure and business, with no downtime anytime soon.  



Top 20 Photo Booth Hire Companies Australia 2018

Here are the top 20 most inquired with Photo booth businesses around Australia.


  1. Royal Booths with 139 total enquiries.

  2. That Moment Photo Booths with 110 total enquiries.

  3. Think Photo Booths with 98 total enquiries.

  4. Wooshka Photo Booths with 95 total enquiries.

  5. One Click Photo Booths with 90 total enquiries

  6. Beauty and the Booth with 83 total enquiries.

  7. Candid Snaps with 83 total enquiries.

  8. Awesome X with 83 total enquiries.

  9. Look Sharp Photo Booth with 79 total enquiries.

  10. Cheapest Photo Booth Melbourne with 76 total enquiries.

  11. Silly Flix Photo Booths with 76 total enquiries.

  12. Photoillustrated with 73 total enquiries.

  13. Kapture Booth with 72 total enquiries.

  14. Pic-Cha-Booth with 68 total enquiries.

  15. Photo Booth Crew Melbourne with 67 total enquiries.

  16. Photos4fun with 65 total enquiries

  17. Flaunt it Photo Booths with 61 total enquiries.

  18. Style Photo Booths with 55 total enquiries.

  19. Bright Box Photo Booths with 48 total enquiries.

  20. I love Hue Photos with 45 total enquiries.


Well done and congratulations to all that feature. It's a huge achievement to be this consistent all year through.

For those that didn't make this list, I can honestly say that there were some amazing businesses that had exceptional years regardless and hopefully this time next year the outcome will be different for you.

If you would like to take a look through the state by state numbers then please read the different articles below as we take a tour around the country with the individual results from the different cities.



See The Top Photo booth hire Companies by City; Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide.


ADELAIDE - Click for the Top 9 Photo booth providers.

BRISBANE - Click for the Top 10 Photo booth providers.

MELBOURNE - Click for the Top 10 Photo booth providers.

PERTH - Click for the Top 5 Photo booth providers.

SYDNEY - Click for the Top 10 Photo booth providers.




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