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Party Photo Booth Hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Party Photo Booth Hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Party Photo Booth Hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

We are all currently playing a major part in the party photo booth hire scene in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. 

To make sure you are capturing the most leads from our site, I thought it might be useful for me to share some key insights which are often overlooked.


The simple tweak to make a big difference.

Sure everyone pays special attention to the write up of their listings making sure the standard keywords are used "rent a photo booth in Sydney" or perhaps offering the latest software or photo booth that nobody else in the Melbourne area can offer. 

However I'm here to show a simple trick all of you can do. This will lead to bigger impacts for your listing. Furthermore this trick will take you no longer than 5 minutes to implement, I guarantee you.  


Photographs of Photo booths

The most common question asked since joining the Photo booth finder Team is, "how many images should I include on my listing?"

Typically I would answer that question with; more than five and up to as many as you can! However only recently has this theory changed.

Firstly I couldn't ever give an exact number with any sort of conviction but i just had the hunch that more images and content displayed then the better everything will be. So i conducted some minor research into this question.

As a result I can confidently tell you that the exact amount of images I should have been advising you to upload to your listing is...24!


The Research Results

The research identified a common pattern in the way customers interact with our site and where this interaction leads them. Typically when a customer visits our site, they click into your listing and read the short intro of who you are. The introduction is often around the company and will not provide all the information these customers are looking for to make an informed decision.


Consequently the next step they take is to further educate themselves about whether or not you fit the select criteria to be approved for their shortlist. Next the customers naturally seek further information through the images you have provided. Above all else, this is the most crucial moment in the entire process, as at this exact time the final decisions are made on whether you are a successful or not, solely based around whether the customer feels you fit what they are searching for.


  • So the question is, have you been able to sell your business to them in 10 seconds or less?
  • Can you clearly showcase the photo booths available?
  • Are you aesthetically appealing on the eye? are you the party photo booth hire of choice?


The successful people on this site can do all of this through images.



The Facts

Enjoy some facts around this research.

  • 5 images or less without any form of featured listing will struggle. Typically customers will only spend 4 - 8 seconds on your listing before leaving.
  • The average Photo booth finder customer viewing time on any individual listing throughout the 2017 and 2018 year was, 36 seconds.
  • With 10 images, customers tend to spend slightly longer on your listing, approximately 15 - 20 seconds.
  • Having 24 images was a different story. This was the exact number of images the data told us customers who have viewed listings with this quantity of images seemed to almost every time click “add to shortlist”.
  • They spend a staggering 74% more time on your listings. Therefore you are a more qualified supplier and to some degree they became a more qualified lead.


Interestingly it just goes to show, you have such a limited window of opportunity to capture the minds of the customers visiting the site trying to rent your awesome photo booth.

For that reason I cannot stress how important it is to add more images to your listing.


The Next Steps

So the first thing I would really like to ask of you is:

  1. To consider revisiting your listing on our site and specifically taking a look at how many images you positioned in each category (1. photo booths, 2. Photo strips, 3. Miscellaneous).

  1. Consider telling a story through those images, really try to put them in a sort of chronological order and not randomly scatter them. Example: Keep all Photo strip images together.

  1. Monitor the growth in your listing views and shortlisting successes.

The most noteworthy point surrounding this is that we take pictures with our photo booths for a living. We have so much content to provide, the type of content that could really work to our advantage for the next sale.

Quality content gives more customers the opportunity to self educate, then self qualify and then ultimately, turn into a ready paying customer.


I hope this information helps, it certainly has me thinking more around how we can close more sales through the content provided

Credit to IShoot Photo booths for the party photo booth hire images.

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