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Important Operators Update: Listing Change

Important Operators Update: Listing Change

Important Operators Update: Listing Change

The below information was sent out via the newsletter to all members on the 24th October and is reproduced here in case anyone missed it.

What's Changed?
The order in which operators listings display in search results.

To make it fairer for all operators to be seen and enquired with by our users.

How were they ordered before?
Featured Listings first then all the Free Listings were shown alphabetically.

How are they ordered now?
Featured Listings first then all the Free Listings are displayed randomly. 

How does the random feature work?
The random algorithm will reset weekly so the order of display for free listings in the search results will be ever changing. 

How does this affect my Featured Listing?
No change. You will continue to be on page 1 every time.

How does this affect my Free Listing?
If you previously received lots of enquiries thanks to your business names spelling being at the beginning of the alphabet you may notice an overall decrease in traffic and enquiries and vice versa.

All free listings now will have fluctuating levels of traffic and enquiries relative to their listings random position in any given week. However over all this will spread the traffic more fairly amongst operators than previously.

What can I do to get my listing constant exposure to your users?
Upgrading to a Featured Listing guarantees page 1 of the search results every time.


CLICK HERE to UPGRADE to a Featured Listing




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