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Ikeas Gift To The Photo Booth Industry

Ikeas Gift To The Photo Booth Industry

IKEA’S Gift To The Photo Booth Hire Industry

From Pot Holder to Prop Stand

Daniel Bridge from Wooshka Photobooths Guest Blogs 
Prop signs are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They come in so many varieties to tie in with so many different themes & events plus they look great, many come double sided, are very durable and long-lasting, but most importantly people simply love using them in their photo booth pics.
A small problem I encountered when first adding these cool signs to my prop collection was there wasn't any really good stand/holder options jumping out at me. I’d come across a few different styles and tried a couple but i wasn’t satisfied, so i was still on the hunt for something better, something I was happy to use long term when showcasing these PVC prop signs to the party goers.
Ikea Prop Sign Holder
With a little bit more research, I found that some folk in the photo booth industry had been using a particular pot holder designed by IKEA. Initially I thought “nah, no way I’m using a pot holder” but it did look like it could potentially be a good option, so I went ahead and ordered a few to try out.


  • The pot holders were seriously perfect for holding up my signs (I was happily surprised).
  • They could be stretched out in length like an accordion, so if you only had a small amount of signs, you could have it squeezed in so it wouldn’t appear bare and as you added more prop signs to your collection, the holder had the ability to stretch out and fit plenty more signs inside it (this is super handy).
  • They offered awesome flexibility for my ever growing sign collections.
  • Once you put your new pot holder together after un-packaging, it stays one piece and takes up very little room in a props case/box.
  • They’re stainless steel and look very nice (not that i’m a professional pot holder critique) and after a couple of years using mine every week, i still have literally every single one i first purchased and they are all in tiptop working condition, so it’s fair to say they certainly stand up to solid boothin’.
 Prop Glue Tip


Add a couple of drops superglue into the treads of each arm when you are first putting your new prop holder together. This will stop you having to retighten the arms on the frame as they come loose over time and it will lock them into place forever.




I’m sold on these things and have 12 now that are all going strong. They help keep your prop tables looking neat & are great value for money. Thanks IKEA for designing a stand specifically for dishes and pots, that I will never ever use for dishes and pots :) 




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Daniel Bridge is the owner of Wooshka Photobooths. A Melbourne based photo booth company which has been operating since 2015 and also services the Geelong and Ballarat areas.

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